About Dave, Eric, and Mooch

Dave's interest in photography started at a very young age. His first camera was barely more than a toy and used 110 film cartridges. Without any concept of "wasting film" (although his parents tried teaching this to him repeatedly), he was trigger happy, constantly trying to emulate the professional photos he'd seen in magazines and books. The results never came out right, but he kept on trying, slowly developing his photographic eye over the years.

Many years and many cameras later, and now capable of creating the professional photos he once tried to emulate in his youth, his passion for photography is strong as ever. For he believes that being a student of photography is a lifelong journey, and a wonderful one at that.


Everyone wants great candid shots for their wedding. Having two photographers working in tandem makes this a reality. So while everyone is concentrating on one photographer, the other is getting these amazing candids in between the more "setup" shots.

Eric fell into wedding photograhy four years ago as a favor for a friend. The pictures turned out so nice that soon he was booking clients through word of mouth. His motto: photograph every couple as if they are your best friends, and soon, they will be. The satisfaction he gets from delivering a great set of memories that will last a lifetime is what pushed him to turn pro.

....so who is Mooch?